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Manual of Pediatric Anesthesia : Jerrold Lerman :

Save my selection. New York: Churchill Livingston, ISBN According to the preface, the fifth edition of the Manual of Pediatric Anesthesia was written and designed to provide a concise, but comprehensive, pocketbook guide to pediatric anesthesia practice. Compared with the first edition, which specifically carried a disclaimer that it was not a comprehensive text, the manual has grown in size and scope.

Many sections have expanded to reflect the evolution of pediatric anesthesiology and pediatric surgical techniques. The chapters dealing with such current issues as pain management, sedation, and anesthesia in areas remote from the main operating room have been expanded. Many new references as recent as were added and some old ones considered classic or interesting by the authors were retained.

A few e. From a beginning that mostly reflected the practice at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, the manual now reflects the state of the art in North America. The contribution to this edition of Dr. Lerman, an American-trained Canadian anesthesiologist, is evident. Some Canadian bias remains, however.

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For example, the discussion of the use of succinylcholine in children page 60 does not include any reference to the US Food and Drug Administration-mandated warning about its elective IV use in children. The authors suggest that the problem of masseter spasm can be avoided by not routinely giving succinylcholine to a patient who is anesthetized with halothane. For some reason, we are told that midazolam is Versed, propofol is Diprivan, and meperidine is Demerol; but we are left wondering why metoclopramide, cimetidine, and ondansetron are not given equal treatment.

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Also, some of the recommended doses in the appendix differ slightly from those appearing in the text. He found a good description of the pathophysiology with an outline of the perioperative management requirements. We told him to look up the chapter on pharmacology, which contained a good discussion on the use of different anesthetic agents that can be used for induction, with such practical hints as to not inject rocuronium soon after Pentothal in a small IV to avoid precipitation.

For the trainee, the book is easy to carry considerably smaller than other existing manuals and has very useful practical information, but could be made more user friendly by better cross-referencing between various chapters. Overall, this manual has a place in the drawer of the anesthesia machine for the general anesthesiologist who wants a ready reference to consult in the operating room. The book would be also recommended as supplemental reading for pediatric anesthesiologists who want to gain an insight into the practice of one of the current recognized leaders in pediatric anesthesia.

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